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    Can anybody help? Had this issue for months now. My throat tightens but more often it freezes when I try and swallow food and I become very aware of food going down. I usually have to wash it down with a drink but feel I have to force myself to eat anybody else had this?

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    Re: Eating

    Common anxiety symptom.

    "Eat. Drink. Enjoy the work you do. Be thankful for the blessings God gives you in this life. Live, love and seek out the things that bring your heart joy. The rest is meaningless... Like chasing the wind." King Solomon

    The best help is the help you give yourself!

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    Re: Eating

    Yes when very stressed

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    Re: Eating

    I always have to force myself to eat and for me itís a combination of the medications Iím on and stress. I also tend to swallow air when I drink something lately and man thatís painful.

    Your definitely not alone in this.
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    Re: Eating

    Yes, I've had this a few times in my life, for months at a time, and then it disappears. It's a very common anxiety symptom

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