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    Hi everyone. So I’m back to this. I just had follow up blood work two weeks ago and it was good. But now I have a bruise on my lower stomach above my pelvis. Don’t know where it came from other than maybe the gym or my three year old kicking me in her sleep or something. I just don’t understand why I would have a bruise in such a random place. It also doesn’t help that my gums bleed a little bit when I brush. Would the blood work two weeks ago have shown if I had leukemia or if I was developing it? I hate this…

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    Re: Bruise…worried

    You have your reasons it might have showed up, there's no need to stress about this.
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    Spiraling over bruises…again :(

    Hi everyone. I’m back. A couple of days ago I woke up with a few bruises on my lower stomach along with some petechiae. I had one in this same area a few weeks ago. My toddler does tend to kick me around this area during diaper changes lately and I think this could be it. I also wore pretty tight jeans the day before. But, I’m so worried about leukemia again. I had a CBC six weeks ago that was normal, and I also had one in September that came back with mild anemia, but I brought that back up by the second test with iron supplements. WBC and platelets were normal on both tests. Could leukemia have developed this quickly? Please help. I don’t know what it is about bruises, but they terrify me. :(

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    Re: Spiraling over bruises…again :(

    Quote Originally Posted by atm4660 View Post
    My toddler does tend to kick me around this area during diaper changes lately and I think this could be it.
    Cause and effect.

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    Re: Bruise…worried


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