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Thread: Lymphoma worry!

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    Lymphoma worry!

    Since about January Iíve been having night sweats, not enough to change the sheets but enough to be wet to the touch.

    The past 3 months Iíve also been extremely itchy, all over my body and nothing seems to help!

    I can feel many of my lymph nodes but Iím reassured that this is because Iím slim.

    I also have bad pain In both my armpits everyday since august, which is making me think itís lymph node pain, Iíve never had this before.

    Iíve seen a doctor and they ordered a blood test which all came back fine and said my sweats are more than likely hormonal and the pain in my armpits sound like strain, but surely it would have gone by now, I hate that Iím worrying about this, itís the worst Iíve ever been.

    Iím not enjoying life at all at the moment, I am doing online therapy but itís not helping much right now.

    Thank you for reading!

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    Re: Lymphoma worry!

    I'm also worrying about lymphoma I dont have any night sweats or swollen nodes just itchy skin mine started after covid my palms and feet would itch I'd get hives on my wrists n if I dont take antihistamines I get an all over itch

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