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Thread: Diazepam changed my life....for the better!

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    Re: Diazepam changed my life....for the better!

    PDU is spot on with his views on this subject. I know from 4 years daily use that it makes anxiety worse being in tolerance to this devil drug. I’m 2 weeks into withdrawal and hopefully will be free of it soon. It affects your nervous system horribly and gives you a whole lot of problems on top of anxiety.
    pray you never have to come off them Phill2 because you need it to function and believe me your yet to experience the hell of withdrawal…….

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    Re: Diazepam changed my life....for the better!

    I've been through it many years ago.
    I broke my neck and a Dr put me on 15mg x 3 daily as a muscle relaxant.
    Coming off then wasn't fun.
    Don't believe everything you think.

    Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.

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    Re: Diazepam changed my life....for the better!

    It's in no way a devil drug and ignore the demonisation you'll often see about it. It never at any point made my anxiety worse. You can find horror stories about pretty much every drug - just listen to your doctor/psychiatrist.

    Personal experience:

    I was on it for around 4 years (around 35mg spread out over the week) while having regularly talking therapy (MCBT). It made me able to cope with my extreme anxiety so i could actualy GO to the therapy and DO the work to get "better".

    After a while and plenty of hard work I just found I needed it less and less to do things that scare me before so I gradually reduced it 5mg a month. I have a stash of it left because I wasn't even using it at all toward the end.

    I'm back to being a fully functioning member of society again and I feel happier and more relaxed and confident than I ever felt.

    No congnitive or memory problems at all - I can still program computers as well as I ever could.

    I check back here now and again to see how people are doing but it usually the same people who almost seem to want to scare people from taking their medication. We're all just talking from our own experiences though I guess - I wouldn't advise someone on medication since I don't have the required 4-6 years training.

    I'm glad it helped you like it did me.

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    Re: Diazepam changed my life....for the better!

    I've been on diazepam for 30 years this month. 10mg a day. No cognitive effects as far as I can tell, but I'd rather have never been on it in the first place.
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    Re: Diazepam changed my life....for the better!

    I'm taking 10mg a day at the moment. I find it's really helping me. I enjoy the floating feeling.
    I wish my doctor would give me a higher MG but because I have kids at home he won't increase any further. The feeling is definitely addictive

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