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Thread: Struggling on Day 10

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    Struggling on Day 10

    Hi all,

    I'm on my 3rd go around of Citalopram. I came off Citalopram 20mgs about 2 years ago
    but have recently relapsed back into anxiety.

    I'm on day 10 and suffering really bad side effects, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, racing heart, night sweats, uncomfortable sensations and weight loss.
    I have a history of panic attacks and anxiety symptoms, and these are as bad or worse than anything I have experienced.

    During my previous stints with Cit I had almost no start up effects at all, but this time it's getting to the point
    where I feel myself spiraling into a crisis.

    I have also been on Lorazepam 1mg for about 2 months (taking a quarter to a half tablet, maybe 2 or 3 times a day)
    but this is increasing to balance out the Cit effects. I'm concerned about that, I feel like I would possibly be dependent
    by now and my supply is getting low.

    I'm also wondering if some of these symptoms are me going into withdrawal when I try and ration the benzo.

    The health system here is a shambles at the moment and I can't get an appointment with my GP for 2 weeks
    The advice from the health line is it's 'my call' if I want to discontinue.

    any advice would be much appreciated..

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    Re: Struggling on Day 10

    It could still be related to start up side effects even though you didn't have them before. With the AD I'm on it kind of amplified my anxiety symptoms at first and it took a good few weeks to settle down.

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    Re: Struggling on Day 10

    Hey Catkins, Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I'm sure it was start up effects, I was prepared for an increase in symptoms, and I did ride it out of a few days but I was getting exhausted. I was starting to lose perspective and verging on 'call me an ambulance1!!1' territory....dumb.

    So frustrating after being on this medication previously and having no issues.

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    Re: Struggling on Day 10

    Please go easy on yourself and be forgving to yourself - its not easy.

    You'll get through this, there will be rough days, and some days will be better; as well.

    Will reply on your other thread too.

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