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Thread: Turned upside down

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    Turned upside down

    Hi all
    Im in a very dark place again. After a month or two where the intensities of my anxiety and depression eased slightly. Im in a terrible terrible way.
    I was triggered by an ex girlfriend. I haven't spoken to her for 10 years. We went out for a few months and I broke it off as I was concerned about the age difference. She was 23 at the time and I was 32 - not huge difference I know, but I convinced myself it wouldn't last, even though I thought the absolute world of her. I thought about her a lot since but never been in touch. I tried to move on, I am currently married with a daughter - although the relationship isn't great and we have been discussing splitting.
    As soon as saw she messaged me it was like a jolt through my body, she was only asking how I was doing, nothing more than that, but hearing from her has literally sent me reeling. We chatted a bit, she's got a long term partner and seems very happy. I've been left with such intense feeling of remorse and sadness, like nothing I've experienced before. I haven't slept for days. Perhaps this reaction is more to due with the difficulties at home - but its literally killing me. I feel like I just want to die to escape the pain of regret, and the anxiety it is causing me. Why I am so so ****ing sensitive to stuff like this - every time a I take step forward, bang something hits me a like a train and Im completely derailed.

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    Re: Turned upside down

    Sorry that this has upset you.

    I would suggest you focus on what you can do to help yourself and not something from the past which you have no control over.
    What do you normally do when depression and anxiety hit? Do you have a support system in place or a kind of anxiety/ depression toolkit?

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