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    Covid Positive

    Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with Covid last Wednesday. Things started off as pretty asymptomatic, only got tested because I came into contact with someone the previous Saturday who tested positive on Monday. Anyways Iím about 8 days into my quarantine and Iím starting to get scared. I began having horrible sinus pressure, body aches, and fatigue on day 3 which lingered for awhile. On Day 6 I lost my sense of smell and taste and I started having a little shortness of breath, but the sinus pressure has stopped. I let my primary doctor know, who seemed to be unalarmed and I bought a Pulse Oximeter for peace of mine. As I said Iím now on day 8 and Iím still having the shortness of breath, body aches, and no smell/taste. Every time I take my oxygen levels, everything seems to be okay regardless of how Iíve felt. Iíve tried to find some peace of mind in that, but the anxiety makes everything worse. Iíve already sent a message to my doctor to see what he thinks, but idk if I should just go to the ER. Has anyone else experienced shortness of breath, but had normal oxygen levels?

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    If your oxygen levels are normal then the shortness of breath is down to your anxiety. Covid at its worst would leave you with highly depleted oxygen levels, the fact that your levels are normal categorically proves that the shortness of breath is not being caused by an inability to breathe properly.

    The body aches are a normal part of recovering from a virus, and the smell/taste issue can linger for many weeks, and even months. It sounds to me like youíre actually well on the road to recovery but youíre giving yourself physical symptoms by being overly anxious.

    Put down the pulse oximeter, stop scanning yourself for symptoms and try to relax. If you Covid were going to make you very ill, your symptoms would, by now, be very severe. Everything you describe sounds like a body trying to recover but being hindered only by an anxious mind. Youíll be fine.

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    Re: Covid Positive


    Yes, I had a tight chest and a bit of shortness of breath and normal ox levels. My partner had lower ox levels and shortness of breath but wasn't actually admitted into hospital. We are both ok now.

    Your symptoms sound very normal for covid. Just keep resting and letting yourself recover.

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