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Thread: dose for healthy anxiety?

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    dose for healthy anxiety?

    I was recently switched from citalopram to sertraline and am currently taking 100mg. My anxiety is worse than ever, and my health anxiety, which hasn't been a problem for a few years, is back with a vengeance.
    I was also prescribed 75mg of pregabalin but all that does is give me blurry vision, so I stopped taking it.

    Is anyone taking taking sertraline for health anxiety and, if so, what is your dose?

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    Re: dose for healthy anxiety?

    So I'm sorry I didn't read this thread before my reply in the other thread so please ignore that posting. Sorry :(

    I'm sorry your're still having trouble. For me, the gabapentin only worked for a while and stopped much like a benzo, but at least the benzo gets me through the very rough spots. I know doctors don't like to prescribe them and think gabapentin is somehow better/safer, but it also can be addictive.

    I at one point was on 200MG (for a short while) and stayed at 150MG for quite some time. I'm now on only 100MG of Sertraline and my med provider isn't sure where to go from here because I'm not doing all that well myself.

    Hopefully other members will have better advice for you.

    Take care


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    Re: dose for healthy anxiety?

    "Healthy anxiety" lmao at my typo up there
    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I was on gabapentin when I was taking the citalopram and tapered myself off it because it had stopped working (rebound anxiety was next level though). Then the new psych puts me straight on pregabalin, which sort of defeats the purpose of getting off the gabapentin.
    I think they are just throwing things at me at this point, to see if anything sticks. They will do anything to avoid benzos though. Reading here, I think I need to stay on the 100mg of sertraline a little longer. I think the uptick in serotonin is what causing all this anxiety

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    Re: dose for healthy anxiety?

    Yeah, its takes time for the Sertraline to kick in, give it a few more weeks and see if it levels out. I started to feel like zombie at 150MG.

    That is strange you got off gabapentin only to be put on its cousin pregabalin ? Ha!

    A lot ot times they do just throw things at us and to see. I'm afraid to try anything else tbh.

    I hope you start to feel better soon.

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    Re: dose for healthy anxiety?

    And I would take it in the morning because taken too close to bed can actually disrupt your sleep.

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    Re: dose for healthy anxiety?

    Yes, I am taking it in the morning. I am finding it way too stimulating

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