I've been on here a few times over the years, looking for people to talk to and form some sort of human connection with, but I always shied away quickly when I became overwhelmed. So, I'm here to try again.
You can call me Jynx. I'm 26 and completely housebound due to agoraphobia and social anxieties, so if anyone is struggling with similar issues I can be here to listen and understand what you're going through. Likewise with issues of depression and paranoia.
On the other hand if what you're looking for is a distraction from our problems I can try to help with that too.

It would be great to find someone I feel comfortable talking to everyday about everything and nothing, and I hope we could help each other not to feel so alone in this world.

It's not important but I'm keen to talk to people geographically close to me as it helps me to feel less isolated. I live in the west midlands UK.

I really just want to find anyone patient enough for me to learn to trust.
Message me if you're looking to form a friendship too.

- Jynx

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