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Thread: Anxiety Rx - really helpful method/book

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    Anxiety Rx - really helpful method/book

    So I have had anxiety for many years and like many of us have tried so many things - talk therapy, CBT, the DARE programme and the most helpful so far has probably been Claire Weekes books and method. Anyway I recently cane across Dr Russell Kennedy on IG who calls himself the Anxiety MD. He suffered with anxiety for 30 years but eventually found a way to heal this by separating mind and body and dealing with them in a different way. He says that most anxiety is caused by a feeling of alarm in the body and not so much by your anxious thoughts. I can really relate to this as I always felt if I didnt have physical anxiety symptoms I wouldnt have anxiety. I think this is why CBT didnít help that much although he does say talk therapy has a place and does help, its really the alarm in the body that we need to heal. I can see some similarity to other methods I have used but it feels more effective somehow. Anyway I started reading his book and the other night I tried his method and was able to drive at night in the dark without feeling anxiety/alarm in my body which I havent been able to do for years! Anyway I highly recommend you check him out, his book is Anxiety Rx you can read the reviews on Amazon, and I think he has a Youtube channel so you can watch him first to see if it resonates with you. If youíre on IG look him up on there too. For the first time in years I really feel like recovery is possible! I am in no way affilliated to him btw!! 👍
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    Re: Anxiety Rx - really helpful method/book

    Thank you! I will look him up

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