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Thread: Possible Anxiety / Panic Attack in Restaurant?

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    Possible Anxiety / Panic Attack in Restaurant?

    I hope I have the correct forum here, as I did think I should post or cross-post in the Panic Attack forum?

    So I have had a few issues with eating that turned out to be medical and now hopefully resolved with medication.
    This obviously made it uneasy to eat, and especially eating out within a group at a restaurant.

    Not had any issues but for the 1st time after the pandemic, and resolving these issues, I went out in a group to a restaurant.

    Was slightly anxious as I didn't want anything to happen, but knew that I have been fine now for 9 months daily.
    Still anxious of being in a crowd and eating, (this only started 5 years btw) after a couple of incidents in public/choking

    I am male, 48, and never really suffered from any Anxiety at all, but half way through the meal, for about 1 minute suddenly went really hot, like almost sweating, hot flush, as if I was going to be ill. Probably not noticeable from the outside at all, and really thought I was in trouble, and about to panic, but let it wash over me.
    Also very dry mouth, which again subsided after a minute.

    After about a minute it subsided and vanished, and after it ceased, I felt better and carried on at the table.

    I let this almost wash over me, and stuck it out (was hard) but heard on TV with panic attack sufferers to do this and not react to it, then it dissipates much quicker? (if it even was a mild start to a panic attack?)

    As someone who hasn't ever had a panic attack, are these the (mild) symptoms? Heat, sweating, etc?
    I know this was just my mind playing tricks on me, as I was in that environment, and it had been a long time, what with medical treatment and the covid pandemic, stopping a lot of get togethers.

    How do I get over these if they happen again? Did I do the right thing by not acknowledging it?

    If this was a panic attack due to thinking what or if anything could happen, then its like, 'I am far from home, I have driven here, I am with friends, and extremely embarrassed if i panic/collapse/faint and it will be the talk when we meet for months to come' so panic that I hope nothing can happen!

    Thoughts on what this was and how to overcome it?
    Thank you

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    Re: Possible Anxiety / Panic Attack in Restaurant?

    It definitely sounds like a panic attack to me. I always find the best thing to do is to let it wash over me, do some slow deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. If you find this difficult to do in a group, nip to the loo for a few minutes and do it in there - I've had to do this on many occasions. Distracting yourself is also a good thing, look round the room, focus on something else. Dry mouth - have a drink, feeling hot - wear plenty of thin layers so you can take things off.

    You're right about all the thoughts you had triggering a panic attack, I've had all those thoughts before and have had them result in a panic attack. The thoughts trigger a release of adrenaline and your body goes into fight or flight mode.

    There are lots of tips on here on how to cope with a panic attack and even links to some free CBT. Have a read through some of the stuff it can really help.

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    Re: Possible Anxiety / Panic Attack in Restaurant?

    Thanks for the reply. I did see it at the time, but have just got round to replying so apologies.

    It almost seems like its a 'group' of people when it seems to come on?

    If I am out and about around the country with just myself and my partner, then I don't even think about it at all. Maybe the same with very close family.

    But if I am out as a celebration at a restuarant, with friends, or work people, my mind races to 'I hope nothing happens to me here, so that its talked about embarrasingly for months to come!''

    I just need a way to stop those thoughts i guess, and to stop the feelings coming on? if that makes sense?

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