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Thread: Bowel issues

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    Bowel issues

    Hi all, I'm writing this mainly to get it off my chest and to try and rationalise. Overall I'm doing a lot better nowadays with my HA.

    In short, i last posted here in January about a persistent change in bowel habits, namely having to go more often than what was usual for me (a symptom of bowel cancer). I went to the doctor, who was unconcerned given my age (27). Nonetheless he ordered a coeliac test, which was negative. He then did a range of bloods - all normal. He then did a faecal calprotectin test which also came back fine. He wanted to examine the back passage given I've had on and off blood on the paper when wiping for years (always bright red, usually accompanied by a sting). This too was fine, there was evidence of having had haemorrhoids previously - though no sign of any at examination.

    Given everything came back fine my mind was morealess at rest. As mentioned I've been managing my HA much better. And then I made a big mistake - reading the stories on a particular charitable website of young people (20's-50's) who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer. Although many report quite severe symptoms, the bit that has me worrying is that a great number reported that their bloods and tests all came back fine. As such, the source of my reassurance has effectively being put into doubt.

    It's pretty much IBS case closed as far as my doctor is concerned. I have a follow up with him next month, during which I guess I could request a colonoscopy though I doubt he would be willing given from his perspective all is well.

    Whilst I'm not panicking the way I used to, I cant quite get what I read out of my head.

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    Re: Bowel issues

    I have had issues for 30 years. Was sent for colonoscopy 4 years ago clear, numerous bloods all clear and GP digital examinations. Only thing I have ever actually been diagnosed with in all this time was constipation Last visit, as i have no red flag symptoms they don't send you for a colonoscopy. I know people who have had BC and there was no mistake that there was a serious issue blockages and anemic.My concern is my gut has been erratic for at least 18 months. I have upped my fruit and veg and cut out caffeine 4 weeks ago due to other concerns, and for last week or 2 things have seemed more stable.. Might be worth a try?
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    Re: Bowel issues

    Thanks sleepless65. Glad to hear your colonoscopy was clear! I guess one of the questions for all of us is to what extent, if any, our HA affects our bowels and gut health. Interesting shout re the diet, I'll give that a go.

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    Re: Bowel issues


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