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Thread: How to stop or slow down rituals?

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    How to stop or slow down rituals?

    Any advice on how to cut down on anxiety rituals? My ritual-doing has gotten to the point where my folks are starting to take notice and I can't have them making a fuss about it. Please don't say "just stop doing them". I'm far too anxious to go cold turkey on it. But how I stop it doing it when I'm entering my bedroom, going to sleep, leaving house or ,heck, just before when I start writing this post? Thanks.

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    Re: How to stop or slow down rituals?

    Hm. Maybe talk to your family that is makes you feel more anxious if they acknowledge it. If it helps you, I wouldnt stop .

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    Re: How to stop or slow down rituals?

    I would suggest that you look for help with your OCD. The ritual itself is just a manifestation of the real problem- your OCF, and it won't stop until you do something about it.

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