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Thread: Would these be classed as drenching night sweat?

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    Would these be classed as drenching night sweat?

    I woke up last night about 4am, my pillow where my head was was wet and the top of my covers around my neck were wet, my sheets and rest of my covers were fine and also my shorts. But when I got up I felt VERY hot as well, I went to the toilet and when I came back I felt cooler, I have had night sweats before but never felt really hot with it. I am also worried about this because I had my window open so I am not sure it was the room temp, but I was curled up in my covers with only my head out.

    Also the last week or so I woken up about 5am with my body a little sweaty but I have put that down to the heating coming on at that time now we are back to colder weather.

    Sunday I was a little sweaty but I was having a bad dream so I put it down to that.

    But I am really worried about last nights night sweat and dreading sleeping tonight. Would it of been classed as drenched?

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    Re: Would these be classed as drenching night sweat?

    My pillow is wet most nights from head sweating and I don't have any terrible disease or anything.

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    Re: Would these be classed as drenching night sweat?

    What you state is not even close to drenching night sweats. I had them. My clothes, sheets and bedding were sopping wet. Like change the sheets and put down a towel wet. I know what you're fearing but you can put that out of your head.

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