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Thread: Melanoma fear

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    Melanoma fear

    Hi everyone. I'm concerned and terrified I might have melanoma and I'm going into panic mode. I have a small brown mole on my hand that I've had for years and never been concerned about it but the other day I was just looking at it and it has a very tiny black line on, its so tiny that without looking closely you would never notice it. It also feels a tad rough but my skin on my hands is quite dry and rough anyway. Do you think this us anything to worry about? I was only worrying about skin cancer a few weeks ago due to a red bump i had which seems to have almost gone now. Any reassurance would be great?

    Please reply
    Love Louise xxxxxxxxxx

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    Re: Melanoma fear

    I very much doubt this is anything to worry about. But it never hurts to go for skin check ups. There is also an app you can download where you take pics once every 6 months say and it can monitor any changes.

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