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Thread: Can feel my heart beating

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    Can feel my heart beating

    Hi. This is my second time posting on here, and it feels like itís one thing after the other for me recently. So for the past two days, It feels like my heart is beating hard. My heart rate is fine, but it feels like my heart is just beating hard if that makes sense. I can feel it extra when I lay down to try and sleep, but I can even see my chest move thatís how hard it is beating. I just was curious if anyone else ever experienced this?

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    Re: Can feel my heart beating

    This is because you are concentrating on the feeling... when you do that it becomes more prominent, try your hardest not to concentrate on it and the feeling should disappear
    Emmz xx

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    Re: Can feel my heart beating

    Yes, and another reason this happens, I've found, is when your muscles have been or are all tense potentially for long periods of time. The blood flow is increased to them and you can 'feel' your heartbeat generally. Have you ever had it where you can feel a heart beat in a cut or injury, or bruise ? I certainly have. The same thing can happen with muscles being fatigued.

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