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Have you always been a masochist, or it this something new?

The more your lot are panicked, the better. It is what we live for. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum we smell the blood of anxious flannelled Englishmen. Be they alive or be they dead. We'll grind their bones into the pitches of Australia!
Yes watching England since the 70s you have to have a certain level of masochism ,alleviated only when Beefy or Flintoff ,or the late great Bob Willis was bowling, and indeed Broad and Anderson at their best .

I would think Adelaide coming up next a day\nighter ,and oldies but goodies returning to bowl for England it may go a bit better ,the flip side though as Australia moved to get the winning low score , .

I was able to retire at about 4.30 am our time.