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Thread: Dating with Anxeity /social anxiety

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    Dating with Anxeity /social anxiety

    I am 23 and have been speaking to a guy for a while. We went on a first date after rescheduleing a few times and yet to go on a seconed as my anxiety is just awful. I cancelled for the 3rd time tonight because I was absolutely petrified that I will be awkward /he won't like me /I'll do somthig wrong.i end up crying and feeling sick which is weird as I really like him.

    I have had 2 calls with him and have spoken previously via voice notes about my anxiety and how it effects me. He has been super supportive and considering and everyone I cancle he still wants to speaj/get to know me. I really like home and never felt this comfortable around someone in a long time.

    I feel shit letting him down and really want to see him in person after Xmas but I fear that my anxiety will hold me back. Like we have agreed to phone calls for now but it's not the same.

    Any advice to get over this fear of meeting in person would be appreciated as I don't want to mess this up as we have a strong connection. I have had dates before and usually fine to go on a date sxo I don't know why I'm feeling this way. Mabey cause this feels more like we have a connection?

    Again any help would soo greatful,

    Thanks, a very socially anxiety young woman xx

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    Re: Dating with Anxeity /social anxiety

    I promise the phone calls will help ease your anxiety. I think make it clear to him you would like to take things very slowly. He seems very understanding.

    Also, I just wanted to say it is so so so normal to get nervous for a date! I would be more worried if you werent nervous because it would suggest it is someone you are not that into. As you say youve been on dates before and havent felt this way. This is a very good sign i promise! I think what has happened, is that you are now putting pressure on yourself. But remember, you could meet in person, and it could actually be you that decides there is no spark there. It is a two way street and shouldnt get caught up on him not being interested in you. You are great and you do not need male approval to prove it!!!

    I think make it very clear to him you did not cancel because you werent interested, it was actually the opposite and problem solved. Once he knows this you will relax around him more. It takes time to feel comfortable around people please stop giving yourself a hard time.

    Also just wanted to say, you are young. You will probably go on lots of dates. Some work out, some do not. It is NOT a reflection on your character.

    Looking forward to an update on this one!

    From another anxious young women that has lots of dating experience. I now have a boyfriend but, spent many years single. I can 1 million percent vouch it is worth waiting out on the right person.


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