Guys, I need some advice!
Since august Iíve had x3 occasions where Iíve had light spotting the day after sex, always mixed with clear discharge.
It doesnít happen every time we have sex, infact, each time itís happened has been approx 6 weeks apart.
Now Iím freaking out cos itís been 4 months and I havnt seen a GP about it! I guess because the gaps have been so big, I keep thinking/hoping it was friction/mid cycle spotting etc and brushing it off, promising myself Iíll see a GP if it happens again.

But Itís been 4 weeks since we last had sex cos Iím too scared (although didnít bleed that time) So Iím not getting any answers, and Iím panicking that Iíve left it too long, and I may have a cancer that is growing and spreading because I didnít act back in august when I first noticed this!

But now itís the week before Xmas and Iím torn about whether to leave this until after Xmas to deal with? I just want to bury my head in the sand and enjoy Xmas, but Iím scared that Iíve already left this too long.

I just need some advice guys. Would you try to see a GP ASAP about this, or leave it til after Xmas?

My mind is so fried I just canít thing logically enough to make a decision!

My last smear was March 2019 and was all clear. Next one due in 3 months!