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yeah my mind is definitely capable of prob creating problems do you know how i would safely taper off the 75mg XR
You probably won't need to taper off before starting another AD. The better option is to start on another med either via an overnight switch, or short cross-taper.

im not sure what else the psychiatrist will suggest for me now iíve tried paroxetine sertraline amitryptaline lexapro pooped out after 11 years
As I understand it you stopped taking sertraline and amitriptyline because of the side-effects, not because they didn't work and I suspect they may have had more to do with the dosing than the meds per se. Certainly, starting sertraline at 50mg and increasing it to 100mg after 2 weeks was way too fast, imo. Starting on 25mg for a couple of weeks and upping the dose in 25mg steps at 7-10 day intervals would likely have produced a better outcome. I don't know what happened with the amitriptyline but I'm guessing it was something similar as the TCAs generally produce fewer initial side-effects such as heightened anxiety than the SSRIs.

i just need a good antidepressant to go alongside the mirtazapine then i can come off the pregabalin
You probably won't need the mirtazapine once you're stabilised on an effective AD.

thankyou for your replies you seem to be an expert
Not an expert, I've just learned a little from what those on the various ADs report in support groups such as NMP.