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Thread: Need some advice..

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    Need some advice..

    Hi all, hope everyone is doing good. I'm struggling lately because of a change of situation. I just got back from staying at my parents place for 2 months (they live in a different country)
    I was doing really good and feeling good, but now that i'm back home i'm feeling anxious and depressed. I have a lot of free time here and don't really see anyone..

    I'm always home trying to keep myself busy somehow. Also a big change in weather going from sun everyday to a cold, rainy country again which effects my mood. I just wish i was still with my family. I felt safer there than i do on my own. What should i do?

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    Re: Need some advice..

    I know exactly how you feel! I live across the country from my whole family, and with Covid; seeing people and doing normal things has changed my anxiety a bunch!! What has helped me is yoga! Never was into it at all, but found free classes for beginners on YouTube and now have progressed to advanced in 2 years. It has done wonders for these feelings!! Try yoga with Adrienne on YouTube, she has tons of classes that are anxiety based, and really any emotion that you are feeling! Best of luck to you!

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