Hi all, I have myself in a bit of a pickle here, and am hoping writing it out clears it up for me.

I have been rough for a couple of days, and tested positive for Covid this morning. Iíve been ill during today, but largely nothing too bad.

I went to get ready for bed, and everything suddenly ached. I went downstairs for a cigarette, and every muscle was sore and weak to a point where I struggled to walk. I went back upstairs, and went for a red hot shower, trying to relieve it all before I tried to sleep. I got out of the shower and instantly went faint, which I assumed was because I had it too hot. From the minute I go out of the shower, my heart started racing, and had just gradually got worse over the last 5 hours (itís 3am here now), along with intense muscle aches, and a splitting headache. I just went for a cigarette to see if a wander outside would help, and it was 170bpm. Racing heart doesnít normally bother me, but this is, because of Covid, and the accompanying muscle aches / headache.

I donít know if the Covid is causing it, and I should be terribly worried and go to A and E, or if itís anxiety and itís because Iím worrying.

What a situation, hey. Iím bloody terrified.