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Thread: White patch in nose for a year. Iím so frightened

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    White patch in nose for a year. Iím so frightened

    Hi, Iíve been in tears all morning. Iíve had a small white jelly type patch just inside my nose since early last year. It started (I think) when I was using nasal drops for an ear pressure issue that I still have. I stopped using the drops as I was worried it was damaging my nose and expected it to go away.

    I finally went to the doctors a couple of weeks ago hoping he could diagnose it as polyps or something else thatís not sinister but he sent me away with some antibiotics and cream for ten days and said to come back after to see the ENT specialist doctor. I said to him that I thought nose cancer was quite rare hoping for reassurance but he said that lumps and bumps grow everywhere in the body but most of the time they arenít cancer so i felt it was something that had crossed his mind but he said if Iíve had it for a year he would expect it to have got worse.

    ive come to the end of the antibiotics and the cream and it doesnít seem like itís improved so Iím convinced itís some sort of nasal cancer or even more likely skin cancer as I know Iíll get it at some point from being stupid in the sun in my teens.

    itís my youngest daughterís birthday next weekend and I donít feel as though I can enjoy it as Iím so worried Iím dying.

    Please can anyone give me some advice. Iím so scared to go back the doctors and get referred.

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    Re: White patch in nose for a year. Iím so frightened

    Is there anyone that could offer some advice or had anything similar?

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    Re: White patch in nose for a year. Iím so frightened

    I have a weird spot just inside my nose, which is white too. Been there for years. I've never mentioned it to a doctor. Never gets any bigger and sometimes it goes altogether for a few days. No idea what it is......

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