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Thread: Stomach bloating and pains on and off since last week - can anyone identify?

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    Stomach bloating and pains on and off since last week - can anyone identify?

    Not too sure what is going on with my guts but have had a quite uncomfortable week after my stomach decided to 'explode'.

    Started off in the evening after dinner, when within an hour of eating I felt as if a balloon was inflating all around my middle. It wan't severe pain just a really uncomfortable pressure and ache that wouldn't go down. Remembered something similar from my days with IBS when I was younger, but I haven't suffered like that for a very long time. Had a sleepless night not knowing how to lie comfortably until about 4am when all of a sudden everything in my guts decided to expel itself, throwing up bile and undigested dinner. Very painful as my stomach wall had been tense and spasming all night.

    Everything seemed to ease after this episode and I felt I was gradually improving - no spasms or nausea for about 4 days - but this morning about 4am the bloating woke me up and has been uncomfortable for most of the morning. Not bad like the night I exploded, more like a lower stomach ache, and now accompanied by trapped gas and constipation, Feel like I want to stick a pin in myself and 'deflate' it all but whatever is in there seems to be stuck and fermenting.

    Have been careful with what I am eating the last few days - plain biscuits, toast and soup, but haven't had a proper cooked meal as I am apprehensive of overloading my guts. Wondering if I am making things worse by not eating normally ... but nothing seems to be easing it long term. Acid stomach doesn't help either (eased by the Gaviscon) but I'm at a loss on what to take or how to manage diet to ease everything.

    Has anyone got any advice or can relate similar episodes? My anxiety is starting to kick in now......

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    Re: Stomach bloating and pains on and off since last week - can anyone identify?

    Iíve been having similar issues minus the vomiting. Itís calmed down after about a week and a half but still there mildly. Iíve been to the drs and all my blood/stool tests are fine except a raised celiac response so Iíve been referred to a gastro to check this out. Iíve had this previously and it came to nothing beyond IBS.

    The trouble with IBS is your triggers could be the exact things that you are eating so your reduced diet could still be part of the problem. For example, I have a friend who has to reduce her gluten intake and follows are personalised FODMAP diet to avoid these issues so a biscuit and toast diet wouldnít help. Once Iíve been seen by a gastro and had the all clear then FODMAP will be my go to, to try and eliminate trigger foods.

    IBS is also an issue with anxiety and it can become a horrible cycle of escalating symptoms and anxiety. There are a lot of threads on IBS on here that has helped calm me.

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    Re: Stomach bloating and pains on and off since last week - can anyone identify?

    My dad goes through phases of exactly what you are describing. There’s some kind of medical term for it but it escapes me currently lol. Anyway - he doesn’t take any medication when it occurs, but he does go gluten free and follows a fodmap type diet. He’ll stay on that for a few weeks and that helps his system reset for awhile, then he can go back to occasional non fodmap foods.

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