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Thread: Lump on hamstring

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    Lump on hamstring

    This morning I found a lump on my right hamstring. It doesn't hurt, difficult to tell if it's on the hamstring or over it. At the proper angle with a mirror I can see it protruding. Probably about the size of a nickel. It's been a couple of years since being on here and as you can see this discovery has sent my anxiety into overdrive. I jumped rope a couple of times this week and last and did the stair machine at the gym, idk if that could have cause a muscle fiber tear or bruise? My fiance looked at it and said she could see it bruising. I've just never felt a bruise with such a hard, prominent lump before. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Heart palpitations; lower chest pain

    Nowhere else to turn to right now. Fiancé is out of town on business and I can't call my therapist. I've had this small pea size bump on my hamstring I discovered a few days ago which has been driving me crazy. I was nervous to get by covid booster yesterday and had heart palpitations the whole drive there. But as of last night I was awoken with a sharp pain in my lower left chest, like someone was stabbing me in the ribs. After I woke up for work my palpitations have been happening ALL DAY, plus my chest pain coming back off and on. I can't stop thinking of myocarditis even though I know it's rare. I've tried breathing techniques, eating a banana, pounding water and taking two clonazepam. Nothing is working. I've been alone all day and it's really sucked not being able to talk to anyone. First time my health anxiety has ballooned like this in almost two years. Thanks for listening if anybody reads this.

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    Re: Lump on hamstring


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