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Thread: Pink skin spot wonít go away. Please help!

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    Pink skin spot wonít go away. Please help!

    Iíve always had skin worries. I have fair pinkish skin with spots and freckles. This spot that showed up on my wrist is freaking me out because it will not go away and itís been a month and half. It started out as a round rough patch the size of a dime and scaled up. Now itís flat, pink and looks like cigarette burn.

    Derm said something you donít say to someone with health anxiety. ďWe will try steroid cream for two months and it if it doesnít go away we know itís something more seriousĒ He couldnít really tell me what it was??? I did blood work on my own which came out normal. I donít have any other eczema only occasional dermatitis on legs that goes away.

    Anyone else has a persistent skin spot that ended up being harmless. I have to look at this ominous spot every day and I canít shake the anxiety about it.

    Any support woods be appreciated!

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    Re: Pink skin spot wonít go away. Please help!

    That is indeed a terrible thing to someone with HA, but your derm's approach inherently has a 2 mo wait built in, so I would take that as good news and try to keep calm!
    Does your derm *know* you have HA? I find being honest with my derm to be the best approach. "I worry a lot about skin stuff. Can you look at these specific things so I don't have to?"
    Has worked like a charm for me. Derm explained what to come in for vs what not to bother with, emphasizing that all that is ugly or different isn't necessarily bad at all.

    Good luck and for whatever it may be worth, I know several folks who have had ringworm present exactly as you describe...

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    Re: Pink skin spot wonít go away. Please help!

    Thanks for your reply. I truly wish I would have said something to the derm who made that comment.

    Unfortunately itís not ringworm. He said if it was it would get way worst with steroid cream and it hasnít. If it was eczema I think it would respond to steroid treatment and it has not. Iíve been good and not go too deep into Googling for other options. Everyday I look at it with no improvement and I spiral.

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    Round eczema like patch on wrist wonít go away

    First it was crusty and then it just turned red. Almost 2 months and it wonít go away with steroid cream. My coworker had a rash on arm that ended up being a rash for lupus. So scared this will never heal and more will pop up and itís something serious. Canít focus, so much anxiety.

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    Re: Pink skin spot wonít go away. Please help!


    This is just a courtesy reply to let you know that your thread was merged with another of your threads.

    Please when posting on similar topics add it onto your previous post rather than starting a new one.

    It is nothing personal it is just to make it easier for people to follow your story and to give you advice as a whole.

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    Re: Pink skin spot wonít go away. Please help!

    Just so anybody is aware - this was the start of the 'pink spot' discussion.

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