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Thread: Does anyone else get this as a symptom of anxiety?

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    Does anyone else get this as a symptom of anxiety?

    sometimes, i'll get this weird feeling come over me, it almost washes over me, it's an intense internal spinning, like adrenalin running through my body and then i feel super super dizzy and it's almost as if I might be vertigo - which I got once, but other than that it's super intense feeling of spinning. It feels like a panic attack but it comes on out of the blue!
    Anyone else?
    I had an MRI done a year ago and it was all fine, I hate this feeling.
    I just had an episode, it's like my brain gets flipped around in my head...

    Anyone else?

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    Re: Does anyone else get this as a symptom of anxiety?

    Hi Tan232.

    Dizziness is definitely a symptom of anxiety, especially when it comes to panic attacks from my experience. It sounds like you're describing the rush of adrenaline. Do you notice yourself hyperventilating at all when it happens or does your breathing change at all?

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