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Thread: Saliva/Urin test

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    Saliva/Urin test

    Im suspecting that my bf is smoking cigarettes. I plan on buying a nicotine test. Will the test be accurate because he is often around people who smoke (he inhales smoke through the air)? Will test come out positive even If he didnt smoke?

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    Re: Saliva/Urin test

    Nicotine tests are designed to detect the presence of nicotine or its metabolites in the body. If your boyfriend has been exposed to secondhand smoke, he may have detectable levels of nicotine or its metabolites in his system even if he hasn't smoked himself. However, the amount of nicotine absorbed through secondhand smoke is typically much lower than the amount absorbed through direct smoking, so it's possible that the test may not detect nicotine in his system.

    It's also important to note that nicotine tests are not foolproof and can sometimes produce false positives or false negatives. Factors such as the sensitivity of the test, the timing of the test, and individual differences in metabolism can all affect the accuracy of the test results.

    If you're concerned about your boyfriend's smoking habits, it may be best to talk to him directly and express your concerns. You can also encourage him to get a medical check-up to assess his lung health and to discuss smoking cessation options with a healthcare provider.
    I am here to help people with tests.

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