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Thread: Feeling really stupid! Boob dimples

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    Feeling really stupid! Boob dimples

    Iím going back down the rabbit hole guys, and making a fool of myself.

    Little back storyÖI suffered TERRIBLE HA about my breasts for 2 years 2018 - 2020, where I was literally at my GP every 2-4 weeks with a new breast concern. It was rediculous.
    But Iíve been fine since, I havenít been to my gp for 2 years. Til now.

    I have rising ca125 (cancer antigen markers) in my blood tests. Itís normally associated with ovarian cancer, but recent scans have ruled that out, but it can be raised with other malignancies too. So I have started checking myself like a crazy person, and low and behold, it took me back to my boobs.
    I found some stretched skin/indentations down the outer side of my left boob when I raise my arm. I went to see GP who said she thinks itís just stretched skin, but as itís only on one breast, she wants to see me again in 6 weeks to check they havenít changed.
    So, I can feel myself spiralling, cos despite this advice, Iím finding myself checking with a mirror, multiple times a day to make sure these dents donít change. But in doing so, Iíve found a new oneÖon the opposite side of the same breast, again, only visible in the right light, with my arm raised, and kinda looks like a very subtle thumb print. Cue panic all weekend, and me trying to decide if this can wait 6 weeks til I see my GP again!
    So I decided to compromise and email my GP for advice via the nhs app. I thought I could attach a photo, so I typed out my concerns and clicked proceed. Next thing I knew, it had been submitted! No option to attach a photo! So that was a pointless exercise, and now I feel stupid as well as frightened. I know theyíll think Iím just reverting back to my old obsessive ways. Hell, maybe I am. Or maybe Iím just overwhelmed by a multitude of scary events recently. Either way, I feel very stupid for emailing my GP now.

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    Re: Feeling really stupid! Boob dimples

    Please don't feel silly, it is important that you don't. I too suffer from terrible HA and when it rears its ugly head my god it takes over all normal thought process. Any dr will recognise that you are freaking out and hopefully when they contact you they will try and ease your mind. Pls tell us how you get on.

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