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    Hi there

    I'm interested to know how many people on here with anxiety and panic have suffered a AFIB attack?

    I have and it's absolutely a awful feeling. I'm now living in constant fear waiting on it happening again.

    I've had 4 attacks since last july when I had covid that's what seems to have triggered it .

    I've suffered svt and ectopics a long time but this is so much worse. I'm really struggling to live with this fear .

    I'd be grateful to hear of anyone else going through this and how you are coping?

    Thanks xx
    i have to do it for my kids if not for myself

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    Re: AFIB


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    Re: AFIB

    No one ?

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    Re: AFIB

    Quote Originally Posted by molly15 View Post
    No one ?
    Hi Molly15,

    I thought I'd chime in since I've had heart arrhythmias since around 13 years old (27 years ago) and they have VERY OFTEN scared me to the point I often thought "this is it, I'm dying, or close". I more often have sinus tachycardia, sometimes SVT, PVC's (those skipped beats / flutters) and what I suspect to be runs of A. fib once in a while.

    I say "suspect" because I've never had any while having an electrocardiogram or 24h holter, etc. But the feeling (to me) is randomly, often, but not always, like my heart starts beating chaotically for a couple seconds, sometimes 1 or 2 or maybe even 3 runs, and I feel totally out of whack. By chaotic, I mean: it seems to be doing plenty of quick irregular beats that I feel to the point I have to stop myself. Panic sets in automatically, or at least a very high level of alertness, but I don't know if everyone lives it that way, I also have panic disorder so maybe I'm more vulnerable to the sudden rush of panic.

    EACH time it has happened, I was days worrying myself pseudo-insane about it reoccurring, sometimes longer than others depending on my willpower to not succumb to days and days of panic attacks here and there just anticipating or fearing them.

    By the way, is that how you experience yours, the Afib episodes? I mean the physical chaotic beat I described? I'm curious because I had just come on here right now in search of answers to what Afib actually feels for others and if they have managed to live long with them.

    In any case, if ever you judge what I have to be Afib, so far I am still alive if it can reassure you.

    I'd also add, and this even some cardiologists told me and I have seen a direct correlation with at least a couple of factors: emotional burdens / worries / issues often make me more predisposed to having them. For example, I learn my girlfriend and I might break up, I have at least tachycardia and sometimes what I describe and think is Afib runs.
    Other factors are worrying about them (ironically). I don't know if this is proven beyond a doubt but I have noticed that in myself.
    I also drink a lot of coffee and I've read it can make them worse / more frequent. Same thing for smoking (cigarettes). Sometimes you might think you're drinking too much but some people have a higher sensitivity to caffeine and/or other stimulants.
    Fatigue - not sleeping enough, or sleeping irregular hours, that too.

    You mention "4 attacks since last July", how long would you estimate each episode to last? Are they runs that last for hours (I don't know if that's even a thing), several minutes, a minute, less? And if say a minute, do you have "rests" between multiple runs or it's one long run? Also, did they happen during exercise (or maybe just after exercise)? Not that I'm suggesting that would be worse, I just often had them kick off that way.

    I'm no expert in Afib, I even describe what I think is Afib when I myself experience it, and don't know if longer than a minute runs are a thing (although I'm pretty sure I've had some that were a small duration, then another one maybe a minute or more later) but if they are relatively "short" like mine, all I can say is Hang in there. I'm pretty sure I've had times when I had 4 or more within a year. And I think (man I wish I'd noted them all) I can then be longer periods without.

    Wish you all the best.

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