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Thread: Worrying about results of a blood test I've not even had yet...

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    Worrying about results of a blood test I've not even had yet...

    Next week I have a long-overdue set of blood tests, both for long-term medication and for my diabetes.

    Normally I don't worry too much about them but this time I'm terrified. Yes, I know, practical and hypothetical worry.

    I am worried that something horrible will be found such as my kidneys failing, my liver failing, my HBa1c going out of control and so on - so much so that I am genuinely considering turning down a day of work the day after my tests because I'm worried I won't be able to cope at work when I learn the results or drive home safely through worry the same day. I'm even worried that I'll get a phone call saying "pack a bag, we're sending an ambulance for you as you need to come to hospital now."

    Thoughts? Should I stay at home where even though I'll be alone, I may cope better with bad news?

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    Re: Worrying about results of a blood test I've not even had yet...

    I don't know if logic is helpful, because you probably already know this, but if any of those things were of urgent concern you would absolutely be aware as you would have other symptoms (and likely some severe ones).

    Do you have anyone you can talk to after your tests, or anyone that could be nearby after you get your results?

    I know it can be really hard; waiting for test results seems incredibly impossible. At least a blood test will be quick, however small that favor would be. But if you can afford a day off of work, maybe you could take the day anyway and just take it easy and treat yourself?

    I still go a little bit crazy sometimes...
    but now I don't stay near as long.

    [Mostly] managing anxiety, HA, and depression.

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