I am looking for a penpal (well, in this day and age, an email pal. lol)
I am looking for someone who is none judgemental (I have been threw a lot in my life, including childhood abuse) and I now have plenty of physical issues from said abuse which affect me on a daily bases.

I am also looking for someone who will write more than one line replies, actually start a conversation with me and get to know me.

I like music, movies and tv, crosswords and trivia, horseracing, harry potter, just to name a few things.

ideally, I'd like to get in touch with a female (I've always felt more comfortable with females), plus we can talk about things pasiffic to us (like our health issues), but if you are male, and think you can meet my requirements, then you're welcome to message me as well.

I'm not so bothered about age or location, them ain thing for me is someone who won't judge me based on my issues.