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Thread: Unusual stomach pain

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    Unusual stomach pain

    Hi everyone,

    Iíve posted on this forum a few times over the past few months and I figure itís better than google, which makes my HA even worse. Iíve been having some stomach pain thatís lasted a few days, it seems to always be there. The pain is in the middle of my stomach, right in between the bottom of my rib cage. Itís also in my actual stomach. It feels like a gnawing ache which sometimes burns. What also concerns me is that I sometimes feel a throbbing or pulsation sensation in the area, it tends to get worse when my heart feels like itís racing.

    Iíve been diagnosed with Gastroparesis and Acid reflux for a few years, but Iíve never had this type of pain. I take dexilant for my heartburn every day, but the medication hasnít really made a difference with the pain Iím experiencing. Iím trying to tell myself that itís just anxiety, but my brain keeps telling me itís something worse. Iíve been to the doctor over and over again over the past month and they just seem to brush it off. Iíve tried staying away from googling, since the results are always scary. Has anyone experienced this? Especially those who have my conditions?

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    Re: Unusual stomach pain

    I had gastritis and it felt a bit like that. They found a couple of little ulcers on my endoscopy, so maybe itís a bit similar?

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    Re: Unusual stomach pain

    Do you still have your gallbladder? I had horrible pain right under where the ribs meet. Turned out to be gallstones. Might be worth asking doc about that if they haven’t checked it yet?

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    Re: Unusual stomach pain

    Hi everyone! Thank you for the replies! Iíve thought about gastritis, I scheduled an appointment with my GI to ask them to check it out but they appointment isnít until the end of July! I saw my primary doctor yesterday and she seems to think it might be a constipation issue thatís reeking havoc on my digestive system. She listened to my stomach and said she barely heard any movement? She gave me some Miralax and told me to try it for a few days, if it didnít help that I should go to the ER for imaging. I donít know how to feel, Iím still running worst case scenarios through my mind. Iíve tried the miralax yesterday and today and it hasnít worked at all, aside from some gurgling in my lower abdomen.

    I still have my gallbladder. Thank you, Iíll definitely ask the doctor about that! Something tells me Iíll be checking into the ER at some point this week. The pain is still there, with no sign of the Miralax working

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