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Thread: Health anxiety and travelling

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    Health anxiety and travelling

    Hi everyone,

    These last couple months Iíve been going through some of the worst anxiety related to health ever. Way worse than before, Iíve started CBT last week and my main concern was my heart, which I did many tests for and everything is clear!

    I do have lung worries since having COVID in January. I have chronic allergies so they donít help either. But Iím taking things that help alleviate it.

    Iíll be travelling to another state 12+ hours away, we will be driving there and spending about 2 weeks there and driving home at the end of June. I feel terrified because since going through all the anxiety these past few months Iíve grown scared to leave the house in case I get sick or canít breathe. How have you overcome the fear of being away from home while having health anxiety? Iíve always had HA, but never as bad as this year and Iíve travelled in the past and have been fine. But this year has been brutal. Like last week I had to go get some blood work done and I had so much adrenaline I felt like throwing up and I thought I was going to faint. Although in November of last year I got blood work and was fine. I hate that my body reacts these ways. Iíve been trying my best to go out a couple times a week even for drives or to get gas, but still have a fear about being so far away from home. :(

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    Re: Health anxiety and travelling

    Honestly, it can be hard to leave home, and my GAD plays up a bit too. But I just remind myself that no matter where I go, they also have doctors and hospitals and urgent care centers, and since the pandemic telehealth has really ramped up, so you could likely see your regular doctor from just about anywhere too. Not that you would need to, but that safety net is always there if you need it.

    Have a great vacation!

    I still go a little bit crazy sometimes...
    but now I don't stay near as long.

    [Mostly] managing anxiety, HA, and depression.

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