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Thread: Showing off my cat!

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    Red face Showing off my cat!

    I have a black cat whose online name is "Prince of Midnight". Offtopic, our cats get online names. Anyway, every night the Prince would lay next to me as I sleep and if I'm awake enough, I'd pet him. He's also so light I'd pick him up, unlike the other cats who are either too skittish or heavy. I had him since 2009 and he still acts half his age!

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    Re: Showing off my cat!

    100_0261.jpg Here's a pic of him! Such a handsome boy!

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    Re: Showing off my cat!

    Fine lookin' feline indeed.
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    Re: Showing off my cat!

    Thank you! I bet he'd love to hear that!

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    Re: Showing off my cat!

    He is gorgeous!

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