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Thread: Burning skin

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    Burning skin

    Sorry I posted this in the symptoms section but thought maybe here might be better.

    Hi there, its been a few years since I posted on here, but thought this might be a great place to come to see if anyone recognises some symptoms I've been getting recently.

    A bit of back story, the past few months me and my girlfriend were living out of home while we had loads of work done to our house (we are back now). The last few months were really very stressful and I had - out of the blue - severe heartburn come on, almost overnight. I had an endoscopy a couple of weeks back and they found no problems so the doctor thinks it can be put down to stress. It seems to have abated in the past month or so and isn't causing much of a problem now.

    What I have been suffering with though, on and off for the past 5 months alongside that is this feeling of super sensitive skin, and burning itching skin. The closest I can describe it to is the feeling of sunburn. It's actually really quite overwhelming. It started ever so slightly, always at night when I went to bed, this sensitivity and itching on my arms and legs. A few weeks back it really kicked off with this severe burning sensation all over my body. So much so that I took myself to the hospital. I was sent for blood tests and they all came back clear other than a vitamin d deficiency which I am addressing.

    Currently its coming and going and actually getting me down. I just wanted to see if anyone has had anything similar. I am thinking I might contact the doctors again this week and see if I can speak to someone again and try to work out if it is stress and anxiety related - as I have read about it as a symptom of anxiety - or actually there is another issue?

    Thanks for all your help and stay strong everyone


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    Re: Burning skin

    I get this. I assume as you're on this forum you suffer anxiety regularly. I've no idea why I get this - it's normally on a limb - most often on my arm someplace, or legs. Very occasionally on chest or upper body... Arms are #1.

    It's a mix between a sunburn and someone just turning the 'sensitivity knob' up by about 75%.. it isn't exactly 'painful' - you don't say OUCH.. when you touch it, but you're oddly drawn to touch it as its extra sensitive.

    If I had to guess, I'd say it's a psychosomatic (sp?) issue, or it's got something to do with an immune issue.

    I've had them for so many decades I just curiously prod the effected part and ignore them, only lasts for a few days for me. A curiosity, but not something to freak about I believe.

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    Re: Burning skin

    I am getting this too I have sensitive skin anyway but it's like a mixture of sunburn and a slight fever , which I get when it's very humid but it's also connected to my anxiety like a flushed worn out feeling.
    Its a pain at the moment as I don't feel too well and it's probably because I am run down and feeling flushed.

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