Hello all, I have participated on this forum for a while now and I've come here more for reassurance.

I have had anxiety amd health anxiety for all my adult life.

I am 27years old, male about 180lbs. I recently had my first bout of covid 3 weeks ago, and it was pretty rough 102-103 fever.

Gp gave me steroids, albuteral, paxlovid, and lorazepam

I daily take 20mg duloxetine for anxiety. But my anxiety was so bad during covid my doctor prescribed me an additional .5mg lorazepam to help me through it.

Well I took acouple of them, and now about 3 weeks after initially testing positive for covid and I'm over it now, except I'm experinceing diziness and lightheadedness. With a mild pressure in my top forhead. If I'm sitting still it's not bad, but if I stand up or turn my head I can really feel it.

Maybe some numbness in my fingers(but anxiety will do that too)

I'm 2 days off of the lorazepam now, and trying to convince myself it's a side effect of the lorazepam plus my duloxetine. (I only took a couple of pills, it didn't really help me all that much)

But me being me. I have had migraine headaches all my life and I fear the worst and assume I am having a brain tumor.

I keep reminding myself I had none of these symptoms prior to covid and brain tumors are incredibly rare in people under 60, much less under 30.

I have not yet been to see my gp over this. As I'm hoping it will resolve within a week or so. I just wanted to reach out and get a sanity check to make sure I'm doing the right things.