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Thread: Please read guys, nervous about smear

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    Please read guys, nervous about smear

    Hi everyone,

    Iím due to have my smear tomorrow and feeling very nervous. I havenít had sex since my last smear (due to not wanting to trust another guy) and have only ever had one guy! Iím feeling sad because my health anxiety is telling me Iíll probably have cervical cancer or HPV but Iím wondering if you donít have any HPV detected, can you get cervical cancer. Iím a little confused about it all and wondering if anyone is around to chat and help with some knowledge x

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    Re: Please read guys, nervous about smear

    These forums used to be veryyyy active before. Iím not sure if there is just less health anxiety now or if everyone has found other discussion boards. I didnít want to read your post and run though. I hope all goes well with your smear and Iím 💯 positive that your cervix will be found to be healthy and normal

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