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Thread: I can't stop concentrating on my breathing!!!! Any tips???

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    I can't stop concentrating on my breathing!!!! Any tips???

    Its been happening to me everyday now. I notice my breath or a tickle in my throat draws my attention to it and then I start manually breathing. Slowly I begin to twitch and then the breathing turns into hyperventilation. I start getting really dizzy from overbreathing and then I start feeling like I'm not getting enough air and I start doing it even more. Then I get these pins and needles everywhere and all sorts of uncomfortable sensations. I start taking really intense giant breaths to the point where my muscles start to ache. I keep doing this and I get even more dizzy.

    My worst fear is fainting! And so I start getting all these awful thoughts that I will faint or I'll get brain damage and then I start hyperventilating even more. I haven't fainted from it yet. I am surprised. But I keep thinking that it will happen one day. I have had a whole host of medical exams and everything is normal.

    Yesterday I went to the movies and I was sitting there doing this for two and a half hours! I was so exhausted. It goes away on its own after a while. But I am so terrified of it happening again. And somehow it just happens wherever I go. And now I am scared to visit the places where it happened before.

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    Re: I can't stop concentrating on my breathing!!!! Any tips???

    Have you read the Panic Switch by Jeff Hammes. I went through the exact same thing and this book helped me so much. You should check it out, it's on Amazon.

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