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Thread: Possible piles?

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    Possible piles?

    Hi all HA sufferer and im in the need of some advice. Last month i saw blood on toilet paper. Located the problem to be what i though was a fissure. Since then its been fine until today. A bit of blood sent my mind into over drive. The mrs had a look down there and its got bigger. Its round and purple/red in colour. Any ideas? I can add photos.

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    Re: Possible piles?

    No pictures like that thanks

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    Re: Possible piles?

    Sounds like a classic pile, they can go purple sometimes and that's when they can bleed and bloody hurt. Had them loads mate, just grab some Germoloids or Anusol (4 way action is better but the 3 way action is fine). Failing that, nip and see the doc and he'll take a peek and give you extra strength cream which I think just works a bit faster.

    Have a look at this:

    Your missus sounds like a keeper 😂👍

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