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Thread: Lost my Job

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    Lost my Job

    So I lost my job yesterday after putting alot of work into it. It was all so sudden, I arrived yesterday after buying a season ticket for my train then the boss said the "we need to talk" and said we can't afford to keep paying your wages.Been there for a month and it was basically almost straight home after that, no notice or anything. I appreciated his honesty and I understand times are tough right now, but a little more notice would be nice. Like hey just stay the week, at least he offered to pay me afterwards. Lost almost 40 on the season ticket after refunding. Feeling distraught and down, huge shock. Was the job of a lifetime.It was my motivation and purpose not only in my life but working towards my goals. Completely down in the dumps and rock bottom, starting to use alcohol again.
    On the positive side though, I have another job offer but I cannot start till september since they are still building it up. So now I am worried sick about paying my bills, rent, and affording fees to insure and register myself to work only just got off universal credit, hope they can help.

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    Re: Lost my Job

    Sorry to hear about your job Siffi. It must have been very hard to take, especially since you really liked this job.

    One thing I am sure of in today's economy is that you will easilly find another job quickly! There is a real labour shortage, which results in plenty of job offers around.

    Since you already have something interesting lined up maybe you could look at your situation as an opportunity to have fun? Do you have the possibility to enjoy your summer, and perhaps take a temporary part time job for the time being? A few years back I did something similar, and I worked at a fast-food chain for 2 months. Because I knew it was temporary I didn't mind to work below my qualifications. The job of 16 to 22 hours a week provided me with enough money to cover my living costs and I had a lot of free time on my hands.

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