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Sparkling fairy, it was so encouraging to read your post.
You probably burnt out a little in the first week or 'burnt' as in the weather in that high temperature.
You should be very proud, its an amazing accomplishment.
Aw, thank you so much!
I think you're right. I did think I just overdid it, because I'm not used to doing anything anymore. And I walked 10k every day in 30 degree weather and humidity (it was already 28 at 8am!). So I probably did just burn myself out.

I honestly thought about cancelling this year, but it's my happy place and I thought if I stop going because of anxiety then I might as well end it. I have no life anymore then. And as always, the anticipatory anxiety was way worse than the actual thing. It's been absolutely fine so far. Sure I feel a bit anxious every day. But I have for the past 8 years. That ain't going anywhere anytime soon! But I think I needed this trip to give myself a kick up the butt mentally. I do overall actually feel calmer, and I'm already planning a few roadtrips when I get home.