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Thread: Scared of upcoming travel

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    Scared of upcoming travel

    Hi all,
    This is my first post here. I am a person who suffers from anxiety with one of my newer issues processing as a fear from being too far from home. This means I panic on walks, drives, store tripsÖ. Itís just awful. I have a trip to Disney that was booked 2 years ago and rescheduled several times due to Covid. I am terrified I will panic on this trip and spend a week suffering from attacks and anxiety. This trip is also extra hard for me as it involves a 2 hour flight. If I donít do this trip I know it will change everything for me and I will avoid even further. I am looking for help and tips to get through this. I am in therapy and I see a psychiatrist, but I am.not on any medication. Any support and stories in how you coped with this would be appreciated.
    Thank you

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    Re: Scared of upcoming travel

    I'm not a great traveller and I'm off to Portugal on Sunday. Yes, I've had lots of anxiety in the lead up to it, yes I've considered not going. But my plan is to use all my grounding techniques, guided meditation, , yoga, distraction, everything I normally do to help keep the anxiety more manageable. Do I think I won't feel anxious when I'm away, no. Do I think I might have a panic attack, possibly. But I'm going to go anyway and deal with those things if they happen.

    Ask your therapist to go through some coping techniques with you, give guided meditations a go. There are lots of tips on this site that can help with dealing with anxiety/panic attacks, have a browse about.

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