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Thread: 24 Hour results.. panicking

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    24 Hour results.. panicking

    Hi all

    A month agao I was experiencing chest tremors and palpitations. I decidid to go private and paid to see a cardiologist. EXG & Echo came back normal, but 24 hour monitor results have really freaked me out. I dont really undertand the terminology, can anyone help me? I am going to follow up with the cariologist, but in the meantime, is anyone able to understand and (hopefully) reassure me? I am going out of my mind.

    Cardiologist note said :

    "It does show some symptomatic ectopic beats. If you would like to discuss this and how best to manage this I would be grateful if you could contact my secretary and arrange a follow-up consultation"

    On the report it gave a traffic light of amber, and noted the following:

    Significant ECG abnormality observed. Action may be
    required if underlying heart disease is know or suspected.
    Reason for rating: Symptomatic PVC

    The report also noted :

    The dominant rhythm is low atrial rhythm with episodes of sinus rhythm at higher heart rates.
    There are rare episodes of atrial and ventricular ectopy detected during this recording time frame.
    Minimum sinus rate 45 bpm on Day 2 / 00:51:01, maximum sinus rate 117 bpm on Day 1 / 18:23:28, average rate 65 bpm.
    Normal diurnal and nocturnal variation in heart rate seen across the recording period. Sinus tachycardia is detected. Nocturnal sinus bradycardia is detected.
    There are rare atrial ectopics (PSVCs) (burden = 0.14 %) presenting as 110 isolated beats and 4 salvos.
    There are rare bifocal ventricular ectopics (PVCs) (burden = 0.35 %) presenting as 328 isolated beats

    The maximum sinus rate of 117bpm would have been while I was in an excercise class, so not too worried about that, but the rest of it is freaking me out


    Inanna xx

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    Re: 24 Hour results.. panicking

    Hey Inanna,

    A Holter is likely to pick up *something* during its 24-hour run. It says you have some ectopic beats but those are extremely common and harmless. Yours are "rare" meaning very, very infrequent. I think if there was anything seriously wrong your doctor would advise you come back quickly or report to A&E. Instead, he/she was very passive about it "if you would like to discuss..." - Doesn't sound like anything urgent at all.

    I would recommend you schedule a followup and just let them know you are concerned and ask very direct questions. When you get direct answers of reassurance, you will feel better.

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    Re: 24 Hour results.. panicking

    Inanna - we should just trade fears. I just recently got over fearing heart issues and now I am dreading pancreatic cancer. I see from your post history that you were suffering from the same PC fear three years ago in 2020.

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