Hi. Everyone my name is Amanda am 26 and have 2 children one is 3 and 4. My daughter is starting school in august and am frantic out my mind of what am going to do. I struggle with anxiety and agoraphobia. So much so I canít even walk round the corner to go to the corner shop. I can just about mange to take my children to nursery as itís a small nursery and taxi parks right outside and I can quickly drop them off. With my daughter now starting school am terrified. Having to walk round the car park and to walk into the school and into the playground and wait about. I have tried reaching out to health vistor who was no help and basically told me to get on with and I have no choice. I tried to apply for school transport but as itís only 2 miles away they wonít help. I have a support worker who has suggested she will speak to social work and see if there is any services they could help. I have no family support. I grew up in care and have no contact with my family. My kids dad is in prison and his parents are drug addicts. I have even went to the extend of looking for a childminder who would help with the school pick up at least not that I can afford it but as long as my child gets to school safely but no joy. Anyone else in my situation and can offer any advice. I donít even have anyone who can even come with me during the school run .