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Thread: Cbt Workbook For Dummies - Good Book

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    Cbt Workbook For Dummies - Good Book

    Hi there

    I have just received a book I ordered from amazon called "Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook for Dummies".

    I am currently doing CBT at the moment and thought this may also help me.

    I have just flicked through it and it looks really good. It has 300 pages and gives loads of tips and exercises to do to combat anxiety and depression.

    Just thought I would let you know.

    It was on offer on Amazon - £7.99 instead of the usual price of £15.99. Think it is money well spent.

    If anyone wants any further information on it - let me know.

    Ann x

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    Re: Cbt Workbook For Dummies - Good Book

    hi ann, thanks for this recommendation, as ive just finished 15 hours of cbt,and although i have all the handouts she gave me, i would like everthing ive learnt with her to be in a book where i can access it all together, so im gonna get this for myself for christmas. thanks emma

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    Re: Cbt Workbook For Dummies - Good Book

    That sounds good - will you let us know how you get on with it!!

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