Hi guys,

I'm in a really bad and confusing place at the moment. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to me:

I believe that I'm experiencing dissociation. This is the scariest thing that's ever happened to me. Only, resources on dissociation aren't very helpful. This is the closest thing I've come to finding how I feel:

long story short she had cancer nearly a year ago and although she kicked it's arse I've found myself getting more and more detached, even to the point of not really being able to connect with her or my son. Like sometimes I look at them and I they feel like strangers to me.

Now the question I suppose is it all to do with my detachment from myself as a person because I truly don't feel like 'me' at the moment and because of this am I missing the connection that the real 'me' has to the people I love dearest? I'd very much like to hear if anyone else has experienced anything like this.
I found this testimony here: https://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showth...like-strangers This even happened to them a year after their trauma, as it has with me (I was sexually abused last year and had to leave my job precisely a year ago because I couldn't cope anymore).

I have seen some resources that say people feel like they can't recognise their loved ones, but this seems literal - I know my loved ones aren't strangers, but they feel like strangers. I feel like I've not seen them for 20 years and it's the first time I've talked to them since. It's terrifying. I feel like I've forgotten how to talk - like my personality and soul have evaporated.

I've had this happen before, but it never turned into a full blown DP/DR episode. It felt weird talking to people for a while, and then it went away by itself. This time, I feel disconnected from the entire world, not just my loved ones. I feel like I'm on drugs (I've never taken any). I feel like the world isn't real. Despite this happening before (to a degree), I can't tell my mind that this will end. It feels like I've developed schizophrenia (although I know that I logically haven't).

If anyone has any comments, I'd greatly appreciate it