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Thread: Am I suffering from Anxiety?

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    Am I suffering from Anxiety?

    Hi, All

    I'm new to this site and would like opinions as to what I'm suffering from, if anything.

    First I'll tell you a bit about my life:

    I was very fit up until my early 20's then I went into self destruct mode for 10 years: drugs, booze, smoking all the nice but wrong foods. I'd played rugby for years but got injured bad and had to stop playing for good. Anyway I eventually ended up having the last rites due to a drugs overdose. Somehow and for some reason I survied my little trip and decided enough was enough and things would have to change.

    After I'd been out of hospital for a few weeks I started doing some exercise again but my body was a wreck due to all the abbuse it had been through. I gave up the drugs, drinking, and smoking and slowly built my fitness back up over the months and years and then in 2003 did the London Marathon in just under 3 hours. I now run every day or do some form of exercise and my doctor tells me I have a cardio vascular system of a 20yr old. I have a fantastic partner and a job that I love so much I'd do it for free. Life it seems is perfect; well it would be without my problems!

    I can feel great one minute then the next for no reason feel like everything is going to turn to shit or that I'm or the people I love are going to die. Every little ache and pain has me thinking I've got some terminal disease or that a stroke/brain hemorage is on the way. I have chest pains and funny sensations down my arms. I don't go to the doctor any more if I can help it because I feel like a idiot when he tells me there's nothing wrong. I get sickly weird feelings in my head that are hard to describe which come and go as they please and a panic sometimes that feels a bit like the sudden shock you get when a plane hits turbualnce. Other times I have a dread which comes over me which I can only describe like the feeling I had as a young child when I realised that when you die thats it your dead! Sound a right cheerful so an so but thats the only way I can describe my feelings, Sorry!

    Myself I think it's some kind of mental problem or the effects of all the class A drugs coming back to haunt me. The other thing that might not help is my lack of faith, although I was christened a catholic, I'm a non believer in the Almighty. I've tried my hardest to believe but to no avail.

    Anyone care to make a diagnosis, or do I need to go and have a chat to a Headshrinker


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    Re: Am I suffering from Anxiety?

    hiya cas, no i dont think you need to go and talk to a shrink, and anyway youd probably have to go private, say about 250, or wait a verrrry long time!

    i also dont think there is anything wrong in diagnosing yourself,if you fit the criteria - you sound like you do mate!

    the panic i get is almost like i get immobilised literally (for probably only a few seconds) i am completely frozen! not sure what turbulence feels like as ive never had the displeasure of going on a plane, but anyway there are subtle differences in how we all suffer.

    i would hazard a guess you are suffering some general anxiety, because the definition of GAD is that you worry about things like health and money and family when ther is no reason to worry,and you get the feeling of impending doom. but the thing with the anxiety disorders is they can overlap, so you may start with GAD and then develop panic disorder,and then become agoraphobic, with a bit of social phobia thrown in!! basically it is allnegative thinking that becomes habitual which leads you to feel physical symptomswhich in turn makes you question EVERYTHING, which then in turn makes you feel even more physically end up with NO perspectiveon the thing.

    btw,i was alsobrought up catholic and i can honestly say i had NO FAITH during childhood and beyond,but i do now,maybe not in a man in a white robe with a big white beard, but i do have faith, in myself and in other people and in the whole scheme of things. tc, keep posting emma

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    Re: Am I suffering from Anxiety?

    Thanks, Emma

    I think your about right with GAD and a few other disorders thrown in. I don't like the sound of your panic attacks, they must be very scary. Having read a bit of this site now has made me aware of how lucky I am.

    I hear what your saying about faith in yourself etc. I have loads of faith in that respect and believe in myself 100%. I think it's just a case of being scared of the unknown that gets to me. I think it must be great to truly believe in an after life.


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    Re: Am I suffering from Anxiety?

    Hi Cas,
    Welcome to the club - you sound just like me. Im primarily a health anxiety sufferer, with a bit of General and some odd phobias thrown in!
    Crap isnt it.
    I have NOTHING to complain about and yet I cant even enjoy a beautifull sunrise without thinking "This life and this world are so wonderful - isnt it such a pity that it will probably end for me very soon...".
    My GP calls it ruminating on morbid thoughts.
    Have you talked to your GP? They might recommend medication or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Personally I recommend CBT.
    I also did an awful lot of drugs in my 20s, but I remember being like this in my teens (especially the health anxiety stuff).
    I dont have any religious faith either. It must be a wonderful comfort but I guess its just not in me. I too came to the conclusion at age 6 that when youre dead youre dead and nothing I have seen or learnt since has been able to convince me otherwise.
    Misrable bunch of b*****ds arent we?!!
    I guess the only solution is to live this life with as much joy as possible, try not to dwell on the what ifs, and take each day as it comes.
    Best of luck to you

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    Re: Am I suffering from Anxiety?

    Hi, Skitty

    Your spot on mate about living for the day and try not to live in the past. I heard of CBT and might give it a go in the new year if still bad.

    With me the anxiety comes in waves, recently I'm just going through a bad patch but it will pass eventually.

    Don't know about a misrable ******* I feel like a right whingeing pom

    Tanke care, cas.

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