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Thread: Vertigo

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    About 5 years ago I woke up with my room spinning, I freaked out, I was so terrified and could barely walk. I rang my docs and they said it was probably inner ear and sent some anti nausea meds to my pharmacy. Iíve never had another episode like that but every 6 months to a year sometimes shorter durations I feel a milder episode come on, itís mostly if I look up or down.

    Iíve booked myself a GP appointment. My biggest issue is because Iíve had health anxiety for a long time, and recently Iíve definitely had a relapse for a few weeks. I struggle to differentiate between whatís anxiety and what is a real issue.

    I know
    My biggest fear is anything brain related, and my fear is Iíll pass it off as anxiety and then die or become disabled some how. Anyways I digress, Iíd love to know from people who feel mostly recovered or are having good patches -

    How do you rationalise symptoms you may feel - or more so how do you what is anxiety driven and what is physiologically driven?

    I think it really comes down to trust for me, I do not trust myself any more, I am in trauma therapy for things that have definitely increased my levels of anxiety. But the trusting myself to truly know hasnít changed. For example when I got covid I was convinced I was having a panic attack for the first hour or so of symptoms, then I realised I had a fever and did a covid test and realised nope not anxiety 🤣😐, I think for more serious health issues I just want to be able to tell the difference so if I really needed help Iíd go get it.
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    Re: Vertigo

    I came here wanting to ask the exact same question: how do I differentiate between symptoms caused by anxiety and symptoms caused by something else?

    Iím also worried that one day Iíll pass something off as anxiety when it is actually something I should be paying more attention to.

    The wavy/on a boat/mild dizziness feeling is whatís rattling me at the moment.

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    Re: Vertigo

    Weird how I landed back in this thread a few months later.

    I woke up with vertigo this morning when I lay on my right side, but not my left. I've never had vertigo before so I don't know what's normal and what's not. I also felt really sick last night and actually had some hot stuff come up in my throat a couple of times. Today I feel sick and off, but the vertigo has mostly settled.

    Very scary watching the room spin and feel like I'm spinning when I close my eyes. A completely new, overwhelming sensation for me.

    Any tips or advice anybody has I'd love to hear.

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    Re: Vertigo

    Could it be BPPV? I had that 2 years ago and there was no mistaking for me that it was real and not anxiety related. Every time I moved my head, the room would start spinning. I had to hold on to the walls to walk around. It was really scary!
    But after doing some research I realized it was BPPV. I followed a YouTube tutorial for the Epley manoever (can't insert a link here) but look it up.
    It cleared it up for me immediately

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    Re: Vertigo

    Iím sorry I never got back to you. My symptoms changed and now im dealing with pounding heart at night, vertigo has disappeared.

    Iíd say the best advice would be to honestly just let it be when it happens. The more I try and stop the symptoms the worse they get. Im sorry youíre still struggling.

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    Re: Vertigo

    It eventually went away for me. I did try the Epley manoeuvre at the time, I think it helped a bit. Thank you, sorry for the late response.

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    Re: Vertigo

    I had the exact thing too, it would happen once or twice a year and everything would spin badly!

    I had these goggles on at the hospital and had watch like a ping-pong ball and an ear test where air is puffed in but couldn't do it as I had some wax 😂

    It seems to have dropped off now but I remember the doc saying something about crystals moving in your ear which can cause the spinning sensation. It used to make my heart pound and the anxiety was instant too and felt quite tired afterwards. Mine came on more often while looking at a computer screen.

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