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Thread: Women of a certain age...

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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    The best hand cream I've found is Bodyshop hemp handcream. I wash my hands and use alcohol gel a lot with work so my hands get dry - the rest of me is quite oily.

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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    Oh yes, if I'm near a toilet I always think " may as well go while I'm here" . My hands get dry too and get some red patches but no itching. I think since Covid I've washed my hands a lot more plus we have a lot of outdoor animals etc so always seem to be washing them which doesn't help with an already dryer body. My skin in general is a lot dryer. I hardly ever used to bother moisturising but now I do it nearly every day.

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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    I love the Body Shop hemp range!

    Unfortunately I have very dry skin even under normal circumstances, and while I haven't had red patches before my hands have been peeling pretty much constantly for a couple of years.
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